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Comparing Beryllium Copper & Brass


Beryllium Copper: This alloy is made of beryllium and copper combined with small amounts of alloying elements. Beryllium is found in 30 different mineral species. It is a soft, low-density metal with a steel-gray color. When alloyed with copper, it increases its strength, hardness, and electrical and thermal conductivity. The succeeding chapters will discuss more characteristics of beryllium copper and its applications.


Brass is an alloy is zinc and copper. It is a metal with good strength and ductility attributed to the properties of zinc. It has better malleability than bronze. It has been used since prehistoric times but was discovered around 1,400 B.C.E., and it has historically been referred to as “yellow copper”. Its color is dull yellowish to reddish depending on the amount of zinc alloyed. Applications of brass are musical instruments, plumbing materials, and ammunition components. Light-colored variations of brass are used in decorative pieces of jewelry as a substitute for gold.

Post time: Dec-02-2022