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WeShare Industry was established in 2018, which is a professional and innovative copper alloy production enterprise with professional R&D team, modern production line and rigorous quality management system.

Our main products are copper alloys including Red copper C11000/C10200, Beryllium copper C17200, Leaded Beryllium copper C17300, Beryllium Cobalt copper C17500, Beryllium Nickel copper C17510, Zirconium Chromium copper C18150, Nickel-Chromium-Silicon C18000 and Phosphor copper C5191 etc.



Uses & Applications for copper beryllium alloy

There are an numerous number of Uses & Applications for copper beryllium alloy as well as the resistance welding alloys, so this section will help our esteemed customers...

Electrode Material – Beryllium Copper
When it comes to electrode materials, beryllium copper is a popular choice for a number of reasons. This alloy is a combination of copper and beryllium, wi...
C17510 Performance and Applications
C17510 has good thermal and electrical conductivity, corrosion and wear resistance, elastic resistance and easy cutting, and is widely used in various ...